At Arcos Transmedia, we provide dubbing services for many languages. These are performed by experienced voiceover artists/voice actors who are native professionals in their language. Some projects only require a time synced dubbing – BBC-style, where the original audio is kept at a very low volume, under the new dubbed audio. Other projects require fully lip synced dubbing, in which the original audio is replaced with the new audio in the target language.

Dubbing can be done for various types of projects:

  1. Corporate presentations / films: These may be projects for internal training for staff, presentations, company promotions, etc.
  2. Documentaries: These may be for broadcast or non-broadcast. Please note that different rates apply for broadcast material.
  3. TV Serials: These may be live dramas or animation. Animation dubbing typically involves a few versatile actors doing multiple character voices, and that way it can bring the costs down. In the case of live dramas, it’s often a case of 1 actor per voice – at least more often. For this reason, costs maybe higher than for animation.
  4. Movies: While this is similar to dubbing for TV serials, it may attract a slightly higher fee – simply because of the type of medium.
  5. Internet videos: Marketing videos can be very instrumental in helping convert potential customers, and there’s really nothing like seeing video content in your own language. We can certainly help you with dubbing your video content for the web into various languages – for YouTube, websites and social media.
If you’d like to know more, please contact us here.